Independent Living Assessments

For older and disabled people looking to stay in their current home or move to a new one, clear and specific advice about adaptations can remove the barriers to living independently. Housing Associations, providers of Sheltered Housing and other housing and care providers using Promoting Independence’s assessment services benefit from speedy access to expert recommendations tailored to an individual and their home environment. We take the time and effort needed to produce a clear, impartial and practical set of recommendations based on the specific situation for an individual with needs. 

Why choose us?

Commissioners enjoy a range of benefits which together improve independence and efficiency of service delivery:

      • The assessment fee for major adaptations can often be reclaimed via the Physical
        Adaptations Grant meaning there is no direct cost to the care and housing provider
      • Assessments are typically completed within three days of referral, reducing waiting times and reducing the risk of injury and loss of independence
      • Timely adaptations can help extend tenancies reducing void periods, re-housing costs and
        unnecessary administration costs and for tenants this often saves on the costs of renting
      • Complex cases can be handled more effectively, reducing the risk of unsuitability and
        ensuring overall wellbeing
      • Assessments are designed to identify cost-effective solutions that meet the needs of the individual considering all suitable options
      • Our strong links to the manufacturers of aids and adaptations ensures we have up-to-date knowledge of the latest solutions
      • Our no-cost follow-up and review service ensures that the solutions are working and that any issues are addressed
      • Our comprehensive occupational therapy approach is person-centred and empowers the
        individual to optimise their own health and wellbeing

We have years of expertise in the housing and care sector and our strong links to the industry means we have up-to-date knowledge of the latest and best technologies. We will provide you with a clear quotation and fast access to our assessors. To find out more call 02921 900402 or email us at

Our other services

OTAC Events

The Occupational Therapy Adaptations Conferences (OTAC) are a year-round programme of leading events designed for OTs and other healthcare and housing professionals involved in assessing for home adaptations.

Training and Accreditation

If you are looking for any information regarding accredited training courses, we may be able to help. We work with a number of different training organisations and can help to provide you with the relevant training and accreditation for your needs.

Home Visits

Do you or someone you care for have issues with accessing their home? Would you benefit from an at home detailed assessment by a specialist in adaptations?